More Housing Predictions for 2021

Posted on January 18, 2021

With the new year comes a flurry of forecasts and predictions about the mortgage and housing market. In today’s update, let’s look at a few of the out
The Cost Difference Between California and Texas Explained

Posted on January 15, 2021

With all the gain comes some pain for Austin The writing on the wall was clear for Darrell Mervau in 2018 — he couldn’t provide his employee
5 Staging Mistakes & How to Correct Them

Posted on January 13, 2021

Preparing your home for sale goes beyond giving it a good cleaning and a few coats of paint. It requires staging. Home staging is all about creating a
Austin's Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Posted on January 11, 2021

With an average of 300 sunny days per year, it’s no wonder Austinites seek ways to enjoy the sights and sunshine of the city as often as they can on f
Austin's Secret Sauce: It's the WHY

Posted on January 08, 2021

Austin has been the fastest growing city in the country for a decade and recent events seem to be causing it to accelerate even further. What about Au
Your 2021 Guide to Filing Your Homestead Exemption

Posted on January 07, 2021

2021 has officially arrived and it’s time to start thinking about tax season! (We know, we know- your favorite time of the year!)  However, tax
December 2020 Market Update: A Record-Shattering Month

Posted on January 04, 2021

It’s pretty obvious the Austin housing market has gone unscathed by the pandemic in 2020 as demand continues to soar into 2021. Median Sold Pric
Meet 2020's Top Real Estate Agents in Austin

Posted on December 31, 2020

Top Austin real estate agents Austin, TX has 9,919 real estate agents on the scene. Today there are 2,461 homes for sale. A top Austin real estate age
Townhouse vs. Condo: Which Should You Buy?

Posted on December 21, 2020

Whether it’s your first time buying or you just want to purchase something smaller, townhouses and condos are both great options. Check out the differ
Home Theater or Media Room: Which Is Better for Your Home?

Posted on December 16, 2020

More and more homeowners are realizing they don’t need to go to the movie theater to see big-screen entertainment. Once a luxury upgrade reserved only
Landlords: 5 Tips for Tenant Retention

Posted on December 15, 2020

As a landlord, the reality is that it is always better (meaning cheaper) to keep a good tenant than to find a new one. A “good” tenant is one who pays
What Makes a Home a Luxury Home?

Posted on December 14, 2020

For people who live and breathe aspiration and drive, luxury homes strike a deep chord. Most people generally understand the way a luxury home might l
Home Rental Demand Remains Reaches Record-High amid Pandemic

Posted on December 10, 2020

According to the National Home Rental Council’s Q3 2020 market index, the single-family rental market remains robust as renters flock to the sub
U.S. Housing Forecast: What's in Store for 2021?

Posted on December 09, 2020

Mortgages As you are likely aware, we have spent the entire year watching mortgage rates break record lows almost every week, which, along w
November 2020 Market Stats: The Strongest Seller's Market in Austin History

Posted on December 01, 2020

The pricing increases and the tightness of the market are historic. Real estate professionals have started describing this market as the “strong
What to Repair Before You List

Posted on December 01, 2020

When you’re getting ready to list your home, it’s of the upmost importance to ensure you are showing it in the best light. Taking time to highlight it
Top Tips for House Hunting Online

Posted on December 01, 2020

Hunting for a new home online is a great place to start your search, but it should not be your end all be all. Good listing agents are excellent at hi
Organic Food on a Budget

Posted on December 01, 2020

Organic food usually tastes better, and is better for you, but it can also be very expensive compared to non-organic products. Organic food can cost n
Take 5: What to Negotiate When Buying a House

Posted on December 01, 2020

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned veteran, the negotiation part of the transaction can be a little daunting and stressful. However,
Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

Posted on December 01, 2020

When you own your home, things are going to break and, unless you want to spend your money on visits from a neighborhood handyman, you’re going to nee

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